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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

PE products FAQ - part 1

What is PE (as in HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, etc.) and what are some of its uses?
Polyethylene (PE) is a plastic material belonging to a group of polymers called polyolefins. It is usually first categorized by its density as indicated in the abbreviations e.g. HDPE (high density PE), MDPE (medium density PE), LDPE (low density PE) , LLDPE (linear low density PE). Depending on its specific grade and properties, it is used in a wide range of plastic products from milk bottles and plastic bags (lower end of properties and cost) to high performance plastic pipes (high end of properties and cost).
What is used to make PE or HDPE?
All polyethylenes are made from petroleum feedstocks also known as hydrocarbons. Both the feedstocks (and raw materials) and polyethylene is composed of only hydrogen and carbon (hydrocarbon).
What is a polymer?
A polymer by definition is poly (many) mer (parts). It is generally a very simple molecule (mer) which is chemically combined (polymerized) many times until it attains the final desired properties as a polymer.
What is a stabilizer (thermal vs. ultraviolet stabilizer)?
Stabilizers are added to polymers to enhance their ability to resist natural, environmental, mechanisms which tend to shorten their useful lives. Antioxidants retard oxidation ultraviolet stabilizers retard sunlight degradation, and thermal stabilizers help buffer the degradation effects of high temperature exposure.
What is TiO2?
TiO2, titanium dioxide is essentially an inert white pigment which whitens and opacifies plastics.
What is carbon black?
Carbon black is a black pigment, which can also enhance mechanical properties as well as act as an excellent UV stabilizer when properly compounded into a plastic or rubber.


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