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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

PEX products FAQ - part 3

What are temperature limitations for PEX?
PEX tubing can be used up to 200° Fahrenheit for heating applications. For plumbing, PEX is limited to 180° F. Temperature limitations are always noted on the print line of the PEX tubing. Recommended 140 max for safety and conservation
How are PEX systems tested for leaks?
PEX plumbing and radiant heating systems can be pressure tested using either water or air to check for leaks. Follow manufacturer's instructions.
How soon after installation can you pressure test a PEX tubing installation?
PEX plumbing systems can generally be tested immediately after the installation is complete. There is no wait time for glue to dry or joint to cool off. Weather should be considered and manufacturer's instructions followed in cold weather.
Where is PEX available?
PEX is available through almost all plumbing wholesale distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Many retail building supply outlets also supply PEX piping and fittings. Piping and fittings are commonly available in 1/4" through 1" CTS (Copper Tube Size) with some manufacturers also supplying larger sizes up to 2." Because the wall-thickness is proportionate for each size, the pressure ratings are the same for all sizes.
What sizes, lengths and packaging options of PEX are available?
PEX is available in 1/4" through 1" CTS (Copper Tube Size) and is packaged in coils or 20' straight lengths. Some manufacturers tubing is color-coded for easy identification of hot and cold lines. Coil lengths generally run to a maximum of 1000' and are available in a variety of shorter lengths.
Is flexible PEX plumbed differently than rigid material plumbing systems?
Yes. The flexibility of PEX allows many directional changes to be made without fittings, but, PEX systems are sized in the same fashion as copper or CPVC plumbing systems. PEX piping is also used in high performance manifold plumbing systems that takes advantage of the flexibility and economical cost of PEX tubing.
What are manifold plumbing systems?
Manifold or home run plumbing systems are much like a breaker box for the electrical system in the home. The manifold provides a common location from which all the plumbing fixtures are supplied. Some high-end manifolds also feature fixture shut-off valves allowing the user to shut off the water to individual fixtures from one location. Others are semi-home run manifolds or termination manifolds, which may feed the plumbing requirements for a room or set of rooms and reduce the number of fittings required in the plumbing system.
How are PEX systems sized?
PEX systems are be sized just like other plumbing materials such as copper or CPVC when used in a branch-and-main installation. To take advantage of utility savings and system performance issues of branch-and-main systems, PEX can be sized in manifold systems to meet the specific demands of each fixture, reducing water and energy waste in the home.
Is the thermal expansion/contraction of PEX a problem?
No. While PEX expands more than other plumbing materials, directional changes made with the tubing and some slack in the tubing during installation accommodate the expansion and contraction of the system if properly installed.

Is PEX freeze-break resistant?
PEX piping is freeze damage resistant and can expand and contract as water freezes and thaws within the tubing. No tubing material is freeze-break proof, however, and PEX should be installed using the same locally-prescribed insulation requirements to prevent freezing of any plumbing system.
How do I thaw PEX lines?
When water freezes inside PEX tubing, it can be thawed using a hair dryer, warm wet rags or heat tape, taking care not to overheat the tubing beyond it's maximum recommended temperature.
Can PEX be joined with solvent cement?
No. PEX cannot be joined with solvent cement, or heat fusion. PEX is installed using only mechanical fittings either inserted in or around the tubing or by compression fittings.


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